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While as we are thankful to you and to your organization in giving us the opportunity to provide you with the quality services and it will be our endure to give our best to our customers by continuously improving our TPA services. In this regard we also seek your cooperation therefore shall highly appreciate your giving the feedback on our overall services by completing of the below details in the feedback form..

Personal Information:
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Receipt of AITL ID Card :
Have you received the AITL ID Cards :
If yes AITL ID Card No. :
Information For Identity Card and Guide Book :
I/We have received the ID card through Post/SMS & E-Mail :
Cashless Hospitalization :
Have you applied the cashless hospitalization facility:
Was your pre authorization request approved or rejected:
The Cashless Authorization Sanctions took total period of :
The Authorization Process took :
Did you find process of cashless hospitalization :
Was your cashless authorization request rejected or partially declined? If rejected /amount partially declined.
If your cashless authorization request was partially declined? Please mention the amount declined.
Did you seek any clarification about the rejection from Customer Care Dept’.?
Did you get satisfied clarification about the rejection or partially rejection?
Did you find the reason of rejection as incomplete information given by hospital?
Here your suggestions for improvement, can be valuable. Please do write.
Claims Reimbursement services for non cashless or in addition to cashless claims :
Have you received the SMS/E-mail confirmation alert within 5 days of submission of claim document to AITL :
Was the inadequacy in documents informed by the help desk at the time of submission of documents?
Was any discrepancy e-mail sent to you within 3 working days?
Was the claim approval advice sent / received for reimbursement claims within
Have you received the payment by cheque/RTGS Credit to you account for reimbursement claim received within
Claims Reimbursement : (If Rejected )
Did you get the rejection letter on time?
Was your claim rejected?
Did you get the copy of inadmissibility claim liability letter?
Did you submit any reasonable clarification about the inadmissibility which was not considered?
Are you satisfied with the reasons of inadmissibility of claim?
Any suggestions you would like to convey for improvement in rejection claims, please mention
Overall Call Centre & Customer Care Services
Did you have opportunity to contact call center or customer care per Phone / E-mail?
Were your queries responded adequately and nicely
Was satisfied solution provided to you within 48 hours?
Is accessibility to our call centre numbers/help desk telephone lines
We seek your cooperation in pointing out of existence of any following concern areas:
Or Any other, concern areas  not mention above
Support of our Network Hospital :
Name of the hospital where in policy holder / beneficiary was hospitalized
Did the hospital provide timely and proper services to AITL card holder and services were
Do you feel the hospitals are adding extra charges for ID Card holders against the normal cost of hospitalization
Overall experience of the hospital in hospitalization of your patient
Hospital Outlook :
In which hospital was the policy holder / patient hospitalized
Overall experience with the hospital
Special Response Only For Responding to Help Desk Services At Corporate Sites :
AITL Desk Representatives are available/Visiting as per SLA
The cooperation AITL Desk Representatives available/Visiting at site
I/We received response /explanation for the incomplete / inadmissible claims papers at the helpdesk?
We are satisfied with the onsite services?
If No, In which aspect were you dissatisfied?
Or Any other, important reason not mentioned above
We herein submit the above information without prejudice to any quarters.